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Star Wars Galaxy Credit - Real Cash for Virtual Credits

What's your Star Wars Galaxy credit rating? If you've got a few bucks, it could be millions. As of December 2005, the exchange rate between the dollar and the Star Wars Galaxy credit stood at $4.40 for a cool million. What can you buy for a million credits? How about a really nice lightsaber, a moisture farm on Tatooine, or a stake in your very own asteroid? Sadly, the Star Wars Galaxy credit exists only in Star Wars Galaxies, one of the world's most popular MMORPGs -- but that doesn't mean it lacks reality in the financial world. Trading real-world currencies is a long-standing tradition in the world market, so is it any surprise that folks now trade currencies from other worlds, too?'s a sin

In any decent MMORPG, in-game currency is a must. How else are you going to get all the best training, weapons and equipment that money can buy? In Star Wars Galaxies, the unit of exchange is the Star Wars Galaxy credit. You make your Star Wars Galaxy credits by going on missions, destroying bad guys, making deliveries, or crafting items that all your in-game buddies want to buy. But hey, that's the slow, difficult way to make the Star Wars Galaxy credit you need to get ahead. Why scramble for your Star Wars Galaxy credits when there's an easier way?

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