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The first glass chess pieces were made in the ninth century in what was then known as the Islamic Empire. The first glass chess pieces in their modern forms were made in Italy in the 19th century. It is most likely that these early glass chess sets were used for decoration rather than play. Many famous glass companies made decorative glass chess sets through the twentieth century. Glass chess sets now come in many forms and have become a popular medium for artists to demonstrate their talents, from creating traditional chess pieces to pieces representing the buildings in the New York City skyline.

Glass chess sets can also come with a variety of chessboards. Some of the chessboards are made of traditional wood, while others are made of glass or have a mirror finish. The glass chess sets with mirror chessboards can look particularly stunning. Some of the wooden boards have storage compartments under the board where the glass pieces can be stowed.

The glass used to build these chess sets varies greatly. Some are made of fragile, hollow blown glass while others are constructed with more durable solid glass. Frosted glass is good because it comes in a wide variety of colors, including white, blue, black, and red. Clear glass chess pieces make excellent decoration and are good for play when coupled with pieces of a different color.

For people who want to play a more raucous game of chess, shot glass chess sets are available. Each chess piece has a shot glass built into it. These sets come with instructions for variations on the normal rules of chess. Opponents have to drink whatever type of liquor is contained in the shot glass portion when their piece is taken by the opponent.

Although glass chess sets started off as decorative pieces of art, many of them are used for play now. Different types of glass in different colors can give the game a unique look.

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