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Finding The Best Chess Program

If you like to play chess and you find it difficult to schedule a game with another person, you might consider downloading a chess program. The advantage of using a chess program is that you can play on your own and at any time you want to. You don t have to wait for other people in order to play.

You can even play a free game during your break time at work if you work with computers.

Using a chess program also allows you to play against the computer that is probably as good or better than any of your friends. Unless you have friends who are Grand or International Masters in the sport of chess, you will probably find it more difficult to beat a computer than with defeating your friends.

Playing agains a chess computer is more challenging than playing against an average chess player.

The downside, of course, is that you won t have any personal contact in a chess program which you can normally experience from a game with a friend. This means that you will not catch up on the latest gossips, or enjoy any of the other activities that go along with playing with your friends.

You will not also receive any tips from a superior opponent, or you won t be able to give any tips if you happen to be better. This is a significant disadvantage if you are trying to improve your skills.

Furthermore, the program never gets tired. That removes some of the excitement of playing against a human opponent. Even if you are losing, your human opponent might make a stupid mistake allowing you to win -- a chess program never will.

The best way to get better at chess is by playing against a superior player. A chess program can give you an opportunity to improve your game, and, besides online chess clubs, there are no better alternatives accross-the-board games against people.

When choosing a chess program look for features like a 3-D board and the ability to analyze your games to find where you might have been able to make a better move that the one you made in the game

If you want to improve your game, you should also join a chess club to meet other chess players in your area.

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