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The Advantages of Travel Chess Sets

A long car ride or airplane trip is the perfect time for a game of chess. There a variety of chess sets available for people who want to play chess on the go. Electronic chess sets and chess sets with either Velcro or magnetic pieces are perfect for playing in a moving vehicle.

Electronic chess sets are a relatively new invention. Most of them allow for two human players or one human player against the computer. Two main kinds of electronic travel chess sets are three-dimensional and touch screen. The three dimensional electronic chess sets involve players using chess pieces with pegs on the bottom into indentions on the chessboard. The indentions have electronic sensors that let the computer know what kind of piece is placed there. Many of these travel chess sets also give players advice on how to play and feature electronic lessons. Touch screen electronic travel chess sets are similar to the three-dimensional games but they involve players touching the computer screen with a sensor to show where they want to move the pieces. Both types of electronic travel chess sets are compact and handheld, allowing them to fit nearly anywhere.

Velcro and magnetic chess sets are perfect for travel. Velcro chess sets fasten the pieces to the board using Velcro attachments. This insures the pieces will not fall off if the board is suddenly jostled or moved. Velcro chess sets often have a soft chessboard that can be rolled up when it is not in use. The pieces of magnetic chess sets rely on magnetic forces to stay on the board. These travel chess sets are very popular and can come in tiny sizes that are perfect for being taken anywhere. The magnetic board usually has a storage compartment underneath to put the pieces in when they are not in use.

Travel chess sets are perfect for people who want to entertain themselves on a long trip. These chess sets use innovative methods to ensure that the pieces will not be lost. The small size of the boards is also perfect for taking onto an airplane or using in a car or bus.

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