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Crystal Chess Set

Crystal chess is classic yet original and for the intellectual competition it creates a tempting invitation. Figures are prepared from the Strass crystal of high quality. All the parts are joined together and the sets figures out into a wonderful image of light and reflection in total. As a touch of innovative artistry is brought in the game so the effect becomes fascinating.

Quadrant Crystal Chess Set – This is a unique set made out of rectangular hand cut full-lead crystals. Marvelous visual effects are made with the combination of shiny and matt surfaces.

Strass Chess Set (Swarovski) – The Strass chess set is made in the Swarovski chess set style out of the Swarovski components of high quality. You must play it in style. This wonderful chess set will surely become a family heirloom made with clear crystal and faceted jet along with a mirror chessboard.

Strass Staunton Chess Set – In this set to get a good look at a logical price the regular machine cut crystals has been used.

Strass Chess Set Medium - In this set to get a good look at a logical price the regular machine cut crystals has been used.

Modern Contemporary Designer Crystal Chess Set – For crafting this outstanding chess set highest quality European Crystal (Not Glass) is used. In contemporary and elegant design the pieces are cut and using the same craftsmanship that is used to make valuable gemstones it has been shaped with facets.

This chessboard is etched delicately as well as on four beautifully sculpted legs it sits atop. In this stylish chess the corners of the chessboard are cut and a touch of class is added. 12 x 12 inches is the measurement of the board and 2 1/2 inches tall is the king. For someone special of your life this could be a very memorable gift.

Diplomat Crystal Chess Set – You must experience the beauty of this excellent 14" crystal chess. For anyone our Diplomat Crystal can be an ideal gift and wherever it goes it creates a distinguished atmosphere. In the movie X-Men you may have seen this chess set featured. This chess set measures 3" with a 1 1/8" base and in height the pawns are 1 5/8".

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