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Public Relations for Chess Tournaments

We need more kids studying science and math and we need more non-linear thinkers amongst us if we are to propel the United States into the future. However, we must also understand that to achieve this we must spark the interest in the next generation to want to use their minds to think and problem solve. This is where the game of chess comes in.

Chess gets children to think and chess tournaments help them compete. Not long ago I read about the success of NASA’s robotic contests and how those were getting more students to become interested in Math and Science and also future careers as engineers. The public relations for robotic contests have been robust and have certainly served the common good.

Likewise, public relations for chess tournaments are as important as public relations for spelling bees. By promoting chess tournaments rather than lets say poker tournaments will bring awareness to the need for a greater increase in intellectual thought.

When artificial intelligence versus a human chess tournament player was very popular it brought a lot of good will to the chess tournament industry. Many folks reveled in the concept of man VS Machine and it spurred on the game of chess. But now things are lacking and we need more public relations in chess tournaments. Please consider this in 2006.

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