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Chess Strategy and How to Learn It

Do you want to learn chess strategy? Most beginning chess players do not worry about learning the strategies involved with the game or any complex move combinations because the important thing in the beginning is to learn how the pieces move and what the rules are. But, once you have mastered the basics, or at least feel comfortable with them, you will probably want to learn some chess strategy. Chess strategy can take your game to another higher level and you will be able to hold your own against better more experienced players and make it even more intellectually stimulating.

Are you involved in a chess club in your local area? Or, have you been learning from a friend or family member? One of the best ways to learn chess strategy is to learn from more experienced players. Head down to your local chess club, and ask some of the better players if you can watch a match or if they would be willing to teach you as you play them. Playing in chess tournaments or watching match tournaments is another way to learn chess strategy. The interaction is great because you can get immediate feedback and ask questions as you go.

Books are another resource for learning chess strategy. There are actually quite a few books written especially on this topic. Some are written in a style that is more suitable for beginners while others are for more advanced players. Find one that suits your style and skill level and read it over. You can possibly check one out from the library. With a book you can pick it up and put it down and read over parts that you don t understand until you do understand them.

Chess strategy can also be learned by playing a computer chess game or playing online. Whether you choose to play against the computer as an opponent or another player you will learn from the strategies that they employ. Online chess sites often have message boards and chat rooms in which you can discuss strategy with players from all skill levels and abilities.

Chess is one of the original war games. It is based on strategy and maneuvers. Just as a general would not lead his troops out into battle without a plan and strategy for moves and counter moves, a chess player does not go into a match without a strategy to emerge a winner.

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