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Chess is one of the oldest board games around, and it is definitely the most popular and competitive one. It is a relatively simple, yet sophisticated form of entertainment that offers hours of enjoyment involving strategic movements between two players. One player ultimately outwits the other and is crowned champion.

It is believed that Chess originated from Persia, however there is no actual proof that this is actually true. Chess was also believed to be played many centuries ago in Persia, India and China. Later, Arabs who invaded Persia learned to play chess, and when they invaded Spain, the game quickly became known in Europe as well. Today, chess is known all over the world with many chess clubs and organizations that hold competitions and other chess related activities. Chess is so competitive that it has already become a globally recognized sport. Not only is chess a sport, but it is also an Olympic game. There are many famous chess players who are recognized all over the world, including the most famous and successful chess player of all times -- Garry Kasparov. Kasparov dominated the global chess scene for many years, before announcing his retirement on March 10, 2005.

If you love a great challenge and feel the need to empower your decision-making skills and strategic abilities, chess is definitely a game to play. In fact, the competition is so stiff that recognition is something very hard to achieve in chess. Can you be the exception to the rule? Give chess a try.

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