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The game of Chess contains two sets of 16 pieces, made up of one king, one queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, and eight pawns -- all having distinct positions on the board. Chess pieces have always been crafted in various styles and materials, giving them not just game value but also a decorative worth.

The latest traditional pieces are very are beautifully carved with intricate and elegant details. These chess pieces are triple weighted, providing a rich feel with excellent balance. The extra wide and oversized profile makes them amazingly striking and excellent for play. They are made in various types of woods such as rosewood and boxwood, red sandalwood and boxwood, ebony and boxwood and even bud rosewood and boxwood.

There is outstanding range of chess pieces in metal and brass. These chess pieces are eloquently sculptured, and beautifully combined with wood. Chess pieces in metal and brass are marvelously crafted, in patterns of different themes such as Egyptian Chess pieces, Samurai Chess pieces, Lansquenet Chess pieces, Napoleon chess pieces, Roman emperor chess pieces, Small Carnelot chess pieces, and Barbarians chess pieces. The theme chess pieces are also hand painted, making them look exquisite and awe-inspiring.

The latest chess pieces are made in plastic that are used for tournaments. These chess pieces are available in combinations of black and ivory, red and ivory, black and caramel and burgundy and caramel. The plastic chess pieces are made from a durable solid plastic and are virtually indestructible. The chess pieces are single weighted and padded with green field paper for balance. These pieces are predominantly used in high-end chess clubs and for international tournaments.

Special Chess pieces are made with a magnetic base, mainly used during travel. Creativity and art has reached its reach peak as far as making of chess pieces are concerned. Many chess pieces are sculptured so finely that they are treasured as family heirlooms.

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