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From ancient times chess has been considered a game fit for kings, it is an amazing board game that has earned acknowledgment and is still popular among a large group of people. There is good news for chess lovers who can?t find a partner -- thanks to computer technology and 3D Chess games.

These 3D chess games are brilliantly designed with marvelous 3D effects turning a game into an enthralling sight. The beautifully carved chess pieces that are enlivened by reflections on a lacquered board, give a different feel to tactics based games. The game is enabled with features, which allow the players to change the colors of its chess army. Learners find a 3D chess game very useful, as it supplies tips and highlighted possible and impossible moves. The 3D chess game is enabled with an original chess algorithm, and draws upon a huge game archive, which helps it adjust the tactics and decide the best move. The 3D game is also enhanced with functions, where the player can complicate the game, setting the time limit per move and even a limit for the whole game. The other features include an opportunity to change the game skin, to keep a correct game notation and visualize the pieces removed from the game.

Many different companies have come up with innovative games. These 3D chess games are compatible with any Intel or AMD based computer processes, with a 200MHz processor. A 3D graphic card will enable the 3D chess to take and additional advantage of offering the latest DirectX technologies, including realistic shading, lighting and anti-analyzing graphics. These latest 3D chess games are also feature high-resolution graphics up to 1600x1200 at 32-bit color along with 4x Anti-Aliasing for images that are sharp and smooth. The spectacularly crafted breathtaking 3D graphics can be viewed from any angle, and can also be zoomed.

Playing a 3D chess game is a splendid experience for the players, the game is exclusively designed for players who are masters in both chess combination and chess ambience.

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