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Chess and Chess Equipment

Chess is an abstract strategy board game played by two players. It is one of the most popular games in the world, with hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. A game of chess is played on a black and white board divided into 64 squares. Each piece occupies exactly one square. White always goes first, then they alternate in taking turns, until one of the players wins or the game is finished as a tie.

Good chess equipment is very important for a good game of chess. Whether you play on an elegantly carved wooden board, or with a modern and stylish glass set, the pleasure of playing with nice equipment adds great depth to the game. In the words of Larry Evans, a chess grandmaster, once said the following about chess equipment: "Make sure the one you buy is easy on the eye, felt-based, and heavy (weighted). The men should be constructed so they don't come apart. ... The regulation board used by the U. S. Chess Federation is green and buff - never red and black. However there are several good inlaid [wood] boards on the market. ... Avoid cheap equipment. Chess offers a lifetime of enjoyment for just a few dollars well spent at the outset." We believe he has captured the meaning of a good chess board completely.

Think carefully before buying chess equipment, as it could turn out to be the most beautiful piece of decoration in your home. So you are buying for chess equipment, be wise and do not rush into anything.

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