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A Mainly Solitary Chess Training Regimen

Chess training can be undertaken in a number of ways: in the classroom, with a coach, playing tournaments, studying chess publications. Each of these activities are important but inadequate on their own. This article describes a comprehensive regimen that can be undertaken at home with the use of a computer, an internet connection and several software products.


As an adult returning to chess after many years I have encountered the idea that it is difficult if not impossible for an adult to significantly improve their chess proficiency. I have set out to prove that wrong. The training program I describe, while including some strategic and theoretical study, concentrates more on building in the mind a huge store of chess patterns to reduce calculation required during actual play. While its intended audience is adult players I believe it would be a useful adjunct to or even a replacement for coaching for motivated children.

Here is a list of the required software tools

  • Convekta Chess Endgame Training
  • Chess Combination Encylopedia
  • Chess Assistant 9.1
  • Chessbase Chessbase 9 (optional)
  • Bangiev Squares Strategy 1
  • Bookup Express or Bookup Pro
  • Dzindzichashvili repertoire or other Bookup opening eBook

Note that this training regimen currently requires the Windows platform because of a dearth of chess programs for the Apple platform. It would however be possible to use the Windows programs on one of the newer Intel Apple Macs.

The Daily training regimen addresses all aspects of the game, except tournament play and move recording, every day. I have seen mention of alternating training on different days, presumeably to require less time each day. I would recommend instead just getting as far as possible through the daily routine described below. In particular I recommend giving the Endgame training the highest priority.

Summary of the Daily Routine

  • Endgame training
  • Combination/Middlegame training
  • Fast game on the Internet
  • Computer analysis of Internet game
  • Study or train in Bangiev's Squares Strategy
  • Study computer analysis of Internet game
  • Study grandmaster Endgame
  • Study full grandmaster game

Please contact me if you would like full details of this training regimen

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