Chess Training Manual, Second Edition 2011

Chess: The Immortal Game.
Wouldn’t You Like to Master It?

A Symbol of Intelligence,
A Gymnasium of the Mind.
Master Chess Now,
Understand its Beauty,
Enjoy it For Life.


Dear Chess Player,

For how long have you wanted to improve your game? Perhaps you’ve bought books, played with friends, tried Internet Chess. But mastery has eluded you. The Chess Training Report describes a daily training regimen — actual exercises which ensure a continual increase of playing strength. Continual improvement is important if you hope to win tournaments in your category because you will always be stronger than your current rating. If you can spend 60 to 90 minutes per day you will increase your rating by 100 points every six months. That means, a beginner can reach master level after just 5 years. It also means winning a lot of tournaments, and prize money, in your category along the way.

Benefits of using the Chess Training Manual’s Training Regimen:

  • You will feel a deep satisfaction upon reaching each new level of strength.
  • Your brain will become a stronger and stronger muscle that can be applied to any difficult problem.
  • You will win tournament after tournament in your rating category because your playing strength will  increase faster than your opponents and you will always be playing above your current rating.
  • Anywhere you go in the world there are keen, strong chess players — now you will be able to give them an enjoyable, exciting game and give them the thrashing they deserve.

Comments from people who have the Chess Training Manual:

  • Walter P (Local Chess Club Organizer): All I can say is, Wow!
  • Tamara V: Excellent!
  • Ian T: Well written, good information
  • Bruce M (2000 rating): Some nice turns of phrase

Key Features of the Chess Training Manual, Second Editionrt:

  • The ideal, Capablanca-recommended sequence, of learning the game of Chess
  • A list of all tools you will need including free versions
  • Precise instructions of how to configure the sophisticated training tools.
  • Unusual ways to pull the most out of the tools.
  • Clear recommendations of which path to take in the tangle of chess knowledge.
  • How to prioritize your training when you are short on time.
  • How to make a simple tool to make book-study time more valuable.
  • The ideal time-control setting for online training games.
  • How to use a certain esoteric training system to advantage.
  • A fast, efficient way to study tactics.
  • Using your subconcious mind to defeat your opponent.
  • The Seven Deadly Chess Sins

For just $17 you can step boldly into the world of competitive chess, gain a life-long enjoyment and understanding of the whole game and start to win cash prizes from local tournaments.

Within 14 days of purchase, if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the Chess Training report, We will happily refund your money and you can keep the the bonus as a gift.

After 14 days you will receive a collection of Chess Wisdom which will accelerate your learning even more.

Chess Training Book

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ps. Studies have shown that children who play chess regularly do better in school than their non-chess-playing peers.

pps. The Chess Training Report, Second Edition will save hundreds of dollars in private coaching fees for you or your child chess prodigy.